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In Defence

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Curbside Dentistry

In Defence are back with another classic video. I’m old, so In Defence always reminds me of classic goofball punk outfits like Crucial Youth or Quincy Punx. The music is solid, but its the lyrics that set them apart from the crowd (Blind Approach reference there). Funny, goofy, with a heavy twist on mockery. Their albums are great, but it’s in video format, where the lyrics come to life, that these guys really shine.

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Published on Jul 11, 2013

Here is In Defence’s video for the song “Curbside Dentistry” from the album Party Lines and Politics out on Profane Existence Records.

Order at:!/~/…

Digital Download:…

Video recorded by Jesse Meehl. Written/Directed/Edited by Jeff Nicholas. Special thanks to Victory and the Twin Cities Skinheads for their help and support.

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Civil Defense

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Live at Mc Caferty’s in St. Paul 1983

Civil Defense….After 30 years…. vintage film of Civil Defense has been discovered. They just got out of a recording studio after recording Gun Control… their first EP. They were playing that night with Sonny Vincent and the Extreme at Mc Cafertys in St.Paul, MN 1983.

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Gateway District

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Old Wild Hearts

Stream the album, then buy it from their Bandcamp page!

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Off With Their Heads

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Home (video stream)

Home is the bands second album for Epitaph, and it definitely has that Epitaph polish going for it. Strong effort with all the polish you’d expect from a bigger label, yet maintains all the gruff edge you’d expect from OWTH.

This is the full album stream, and currently features videos for 3 tracks.

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Soul Asylum

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Sometime To Return – 1988 – Live

Probably the most commercially successful band to come out of the Minneapolis punk scene, eclipsing Husker Du & The Replacements. After all, they never played a Presidential Inaugural Ball!

Still. I’ve always been a fan of the early Soul Asylum stuff. Every since the mega-hits of the 90s they have pretty much been written off as one of the anchors of the MPLS punk scene in the early days. But go back and listen to those Twintone and A&M albums and you’ll see that it still stands up even into the mid-2010s.

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The Humor of Atrocity

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This Is How I Kiss

I know nothing about these guys, but they keep asking to be added, so here you go. Straight out of Robinsdale (home of the late Kurt Hennig).

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The Christ Punchers MPLS

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I’m not sure how I manager to NOT post anything by these guys before now. The album is awesome!

Just stumbled on this in-studio clip. Great song!

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A-Bomb Nation

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A few tracks from early 2000’s

I know nothing of this band, but I certainly like what I hear! Tim Fool has promised to fill me in though.

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Off With Their Heads

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First track from the soon to be released new album “Home”

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Nato Coles

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You Can Count On Me Tonight

Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band “You Can Count On Me Tonight” @ Triple Rock 07.30.12

I honestly don’t know anything about Nato Coles. I missed them at the post-Fest mini Fest this year, but I’m including the anyway because I like what I heard here in this video. Enjoy!

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